Maple Brook Falls

Maple Brook is found in Glendale, Cape Breton.  The Maple Brook Falls consist of two sets of cascading drops, a smaller and larger fall (2m and 5m) with deep pools beneath both.  A 10 metre cliff stands to the side of the lower falls and pool.   The trail to the falls arrives at the brook in the same area.  


To get there, head to Glendale on the Transcanada Highway in Cape Breton.  Watch for the Maple Brook Road on the east side of the highway.  Take this dirt road and keep left at the Y.   The road becomes rougher after the Y in the road.  Look for an unmarked path on the right side of the road after 1.6 km from the highway.  The falls are found approximately 200m down the path.

Caution is advised as part of the cliff also hangs out over rocks and debris below.  Although, both pools are great for swimming. 


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