Mt. Pleasant Brook Falls I


Mt. Pleasant Brook Falls I (in the rain!)

Mt. Pleasant Brook is found in a deep valley in Southwest Margaree (Cape Breton) between Mt. Pleasant, Eygpt Mountain and Mt. Borden.  Visitors to the Scotsville area usually frequent the popular Piper's Glen Falls (Egypt Falls) located a short distance away.  However, a little known series of falls can be found on the neighbouring Mt. Pleasant Brook, approximately 5 kilometres into the valley from Highway 395.   The first set of falls are two tiered and flow between a break in steep cliffs on either side of the water.  


Mt Pleasant Brook Falls I


 The series of falls are marked on most topographical maps as four falls on the brook and tributaries near-to and beyond five kilometres upstream.  Travel up river for this distance is not recommended, but the falls can be accessed by a series of ATV trails in the hills above the brook.

 In order to access the first set of falls, head to Scotsville/Upper Margaree on Highway 395.  Take the Southwest Margaree Road toward Gillisdale.  Once in Gillisdale, watch for a sharp turn and a dirt road and trail that continues up into the hills beside a set of two houses.  The house with the barn has a unmarked but listed gravel road/ATV trail named Mount Pleasant Road heading into the hills behind the building. Follow this road which heads toward an old airfield.  Continue along the road toward a junction marked on the map included below (marked as waypoint U-trail).  At this junction, take an overgrown trail further south toward the falls.  A blue track follows the trail direction.  The end of the woods trail is at UTM 20 T 647199 5120129.  On the map below, the last point of the trail is marked 'End'.  At the end of the trail, bushwack approximately 600 metres. Once you reach the valley, it is necessary to descend a steep valley to the river bottom. Strenuous 70 degree downclimbing is required to access the first of the falls.   On the map, the first set of Mt. Pleasant Brook falls are marked as a small black square box downstream from the 'Falls' waypoint. Travel to the other upstream sets of falls requires re-ascending the valley to bypass the cliffs to continue upriver or locate another entry point via the Egypt Road.    Trail on Mt. Pleasant Brook

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