The Waterfalls of Goose Creek

IMGP4152 (1)Goose Creek is a unique watercourse with many waterfalls flowing from the Fundy Foothills down toward the Bay of Fundy.  Goose Creek is near the western boundary of Fundy National Park, but not to be confused with Goose River, which is on the boundary. Historical remnants of a past logging era, old dams and structures are also on the creek.  The rock formations found along the creek also provide interesting sights and also small climbing opportunities for the adventureous traveller.  In the upper section of the creek near the junction with Black Brook, there are several falls with significant drops and pools for swimming. Hiking along the creek does require circumventing cliffs and rocky outcrops, which the IMGP4152 (1)traveller may choose to avoid by switching between rockhopping and entering the woods to climb around on the mossy type terrain.

While seemingly remote and unvisited, Goose Creek is surprisingly easy to access off the Martin Head Road (Goose Creek Road).  Given the amount of falls on the same creek and its proximity to the relatively popular Martin Head road, I am surprised that more activity isn’t noticeable.  To get there, head toward Adairs Wilderness Lodge on the Waterford Rd from Sussex Corner.  Continue past Adair’s and which turns into the Old Shepody Road after Crawford Lake.   Follow the Old Shepody Road until Goose Creek Road.  Follow the Goose Creek Road past a four way intersection with White Car Road and Cross Road.  At the intersection, there are snowmobile signs that point toward Martin Head Road.  Continue south on Martin Head Road (Goose Creek Road).  Up until this point, although these roads are dirt they are well graded.  Martin Head Road does become rocky starting here.  Continue 2.5k to a very IMGP4152 (1)straight path appears on your left and is easily seen as a grassy path.  Park there and start your trek along the grassy path, descending downhill.  At the end of the path, take a short 150m bushwack downhill to the river through sparse forest and mossy ground.  A dried but rocky washed out stream that meets Goose Creek and can be your marker to begin your bushwack on your return trip.  Once at Goose Creek, rock hop downstream toward the intersection with Black Brook and the old dam. The falls begin there.

(When viewing the map, move the map position upward to see the two parallel paths.  Your starting point is at the eastern end of the first path.)

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