Big Rody Falls

Big Rody Falls (pronounced ‘Roady’) can be found near the scenic seaside village of St. Martin’s.  Big Rody Falls are one of many IMGP4129that line the Rody Brook which eventually flows into the Big Salmon River.  The larger fall in the series is protected by high cliffs and embankments which surround the river, making for a deep gorge.  Big Rody Falls has two drops, both at 20 metres in height.  Due to the sheerness of the cliffs surrounding the first fall, it is difficult to photograph, although very impressive as it falls into a sheltered pool.  The second drop leads into a large pool and rocky ‘beach’ area, which can be a great spot for well deserved break.  To get to the lower falls, steep ascents and descents are required to bypass the high cliffs.  I took the southern side and descended near an old stream. Caution should be taken as it is a 60-70 deg descent in the trees.

To find Big Rody Falls, proceed to St. Martin’s and drive through the village toward the Fundy Footpath trailhead. Take the Big Salmon River Rd and its turn off before Beach Road.  Go around the loop and take the short extension of Big Salmon River road at the intersection of ‘Beach Road’.  I found the road rough in this area, so I parked shortly after it turns from pavement to dirt.  From here, it is a 1.5 kilometre hike to a small road and camping type clearing on your left (20 T 307988 5032350).  An old trail leads at the far end of the clearing.  Follow the trail, keeping on the main trail at the Ys marked with a cairn.  When you reach the double cairn take the left trail which is marked and is less prominent.  (The right trail dead ends). Follow the double cairn trail until a T intersection (20 T 308643 5033251).  Leave the trail as Rody Brook is closest to this point and a short bushwack to the water is required.  Once at the brook, continue downstream until the first falls is seen from the top.

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