Coac Falls

IMGP4165Found south of Nackawic in Upper Queensbury, Coac Falls are in a steep and well forested gully.  Coac falls have several steps from the river above and flow strongly over 20 metres into a 1.5 metre deep pool at the bottom.   Interestingly, it was quite cold water found at Coac Falls! There are several rocks in the pool, so swimming is restricted to ‘wading’. Despite the coolness, it was refreshing after a hot walk along the trail.  The area also has several old stands of trees, which makes for good shady coverage from the sun.

To get there, take Highway 105 from Nackawic or Mactaquac and head towards Day Hill in Upper Queensbury.  Watch for a white church on the north side of the highway before Day Hill.  West of the church is a dirt road, named Lower Caverhill Road.  The road leads north toward the falls trail.  This road can be rough, so parking near the highway is recommended.  Follow the dirt road for 600 metres approximately and a clearing and ATV trail is found on your left (west).  A large log blocks the trail.  Follow this path for 350 metres until a three way junction, keep right.  Keep following this path another 400 metres approximately  until a Y and keep right again.  After 1200 metres, you will start to see a clearing on both sides of the trail. Listen for the falls and watch for very well worn and steep trail to your left heading down the the falls.



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