Les Chutes du Diable

Les Chutes du Diable “Devils Falls” are massive falls found in Parc Nationale de la Gaspesie in Gaspe, Quebec.   IMGP4261Flowing between the valleys high up on Mont Albert, les Chutes du Diable are impressive and powerful.  The viewpoint is quite distanced from the actual falls, but the falls can still be appreciated from the high platform provided.  Off trail travel is restricted in the park, but it would be neat to see these falls closer than the photograph.  Of note, the photograph at right was taken during a rainstorm, on the last day of a four day backpacking trip (the best I could do, given the weather and that I was tired and cold!).

To get there, head to Gaspesie Park on Quebec Highway 299.  Park at the visitors centre and walk across the road to the trailhead.  From the trailhead, its a 2.5 kilometre hike to the falls viewpoint.  The trail can be rocky at times, but is well maintained and signed.

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