Silver Falls

Approx Height: 20mimg_0142
Falls type: Notch

Difficulty: roadside

Est Return trip time: 10 min

Silver Falls are located in the City of Saint John in the Champlain Heights area beside the north boundary of the Irving Oil refinery.  A short walk from Loch Lomond Road, these falls are a surprise to find in the middle of the city.  The falls are hidden from the road and flow down from steep inclines surrounded in the water.  A large pool is found at the bottom and is used for swimming.  The water originates from the Graham Brook and City Reservoir farther east on Loch Lomond Rd.

To get there, find the parking area on Loch Lomond Rd just west of the intersection at Commerce Drive.  A walking trail heads into the valley from the parking lot.  Shortly after the parking lot take the right at the Y and walk on the grassy path toward the water.  This path brings you to the rocky edges around the falls.  Use caution as the trail skirts some steep drop offs.

Here’s a Google Maps of the starting point.


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