Dawson Brook Fall

Dawson Brook falls are located near Ellershouse, just a few minutes from Highway 101 leading to the Annapolis Valley.  After just a few minutes on a woods road, you enter the forest and the sound of the highway dissipates rapidly and is replaced by the roar (depending on rainfall) of the fall.

The falls are located at the top of a small ravine where Dawson Brook fist plunges about 25 feet hugging the rock wall, followed by two smaller drops of about 2-3 feet each.   There is a path all the way from the woods road to the bottom of the fall but it can be difficult to navigate the last drop to the fall when the ground is frozen.

To get there, drive on highway 101 to a gap in the guards rail at 44.928788, -63.974703.  Alternatively, drive 3.7km south from the Ellershouse overpass towards Halifax and find the gap in the guardrails mentioned above.   Follow the woods road leading due south and enter the woods on the right hand side and before the woods road crosses Dawson Brook.  There should be flagging tape all the way down to the fall.dawson

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