Parlee Brook Ice Falls

Parlee Brook Ice Falls can be found in the Sussex area near Poley Mountain.  The ice falls are a site for ice climbing and hikers alike, boasting high walls  and plenty layers of ice to see.  The ‘amphitheatre’ is simply beautiful, with ornate formations of ice from top to bottom.  The area is accessed by hiking trail, but caution should be taken on the approach in the valley as it follows a stream with steep icy banks.

To get there, head through Sussex Corner toward Poley Mountain on the Waterford Road . Just before Poley Mountain, take Parlee Brook Road south and proceed to approximately 4.9 kms, where you see at Arnold’s Hollow Drive (an even rougher dirt road on your right).   Look for unique shaped houses on the right side of the road and the green sign for Arnold’s Hollow Drive.  Park past the bridge.

Hike the Arnold’s Hollow for just over 2 kms.  Look for a cabin on your left.  Following the cabin, as the trail starts to incline again keep a lookout for a trail to your left again marked with several ribbons.  Take this trail to the amphitheatre up into the valley.  The one way trip is almost 3k.  Return the same way.  The beginning of the road can be icy, use caution.

Another popular destination nearby is Friar’s Nose lookoff.  Look for a side trail at the top of the hill on the approach up Arnold’s Hollow.  You will see a trail on your left (south) leading steeply into the woods.

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