Kinnie Brook Falls

Upper Kinnie Brook Falls

Kinnie Brook Falls are a backcountry waterfall found in Fundy National Park, New Brunswick, amongst a deep valley of mossy rocks and hardwood trees.  There are upper and lower falls along Kinnie Brook.  Both are within 100 metres of each other and about 5 metres in height each.  There is no trail to Kinnie Falls itself, but the end of Kinnie Brook is accessed off the Upper Salmon River Trail, just prior to emptying in the Upper Salmon River.

The upper falls are surrounded by a rock wall and steep forest on either side.  Kinnie Brook plunges over the straight rock wall and into a little pool at the base.  Moss covers the rocky walls all around.

The lower falls are found first while hiking up river and are split into two by a huge boulder that appears to have fallen from heights a millennia ago.  Although difficult to

Lower Kinnie Brook Falls

photograph both sides of the falls due to the boulder, it certainly shows its uniqueness.

To get there, head to Fundy National Park in Southern New Brunswick.  Drive toward Alma and park across from the headquarters at the Upper Salmon River trail parking lot.  Take the trail downhill through to your first major brook on the left, shortly after crossing the end of a gravel road to a maintenance building. Follow Kinnie Brook 1.4 kilometres up river toward the lower falls.  Care is advised as the rocks are notably quite mossy and wet in the valley.  Reach the upper falls by continuing up stream. When reaching the upper falls, stay lower on the river as the embankments rise quite quickly on either side.  Return the same way.





Lower Kinnie Brook Falls

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