Upper Bennett Brook Falls

Upper Bennett Brook Falls
Lower Bennett Brook Falls

A backcountry waterfall in Fundy National Park, Upper Bennett Brook Falls have 100 ft rock walls guarding the falls.   The falls are easily 40 feet tall, a mix of a three tiered cascade and plunge falls with pools between the second and third.  A large and deep clear pool is at the bottom and ripe for swimming amid the large bowl that was created by the surrounding rock.  The trip to the falls is challenging and requires off-trail travel up river.

To get there, head to Fundy National Park in Southern New Brunswick.  Park at the Bennett Lake parking lot area for day use and water boat rentals.  Take the Bennett Brook trail for 5.3 kilometres until the descent into the valley where two rivers intersect (Bennett Brook and Wolfe River). At the edge of the woods, just prior to the rocky area overlooking the river intersection, a small path above a rock wall is visible on the right.  Take this path through a short woods section to the first set of falls.  Skirt around the falls on the right and continue around the pools.

You will now follow Bennett Brook up river, finding the safest route around the water and rocks.  You will need to rockhop your way, crossing the stream several times. It is recommended to avoid wading through narrow sections of the river as there are steep rock walls.  Entering into the woods for short sections is the best bypass to these areas.  Because of the steepness of the canyon, navigation is easy as you are forced to only follow the river.  After about 1 hour of travel, you will reach the larger three tiered falls.  Several smaller falls can be found along the way.  This route is not recommended during spring.  Return the same way as passing over the falls requires ropes.  Be sure to leave a trip plan with someone as there is no cell service in these areas.

Typical terrain

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