Lake Stream Falls

Lower Cascade

Lake Stream Falls are a backcountry waterfall in Fundy National Park, found off of Lake Brook in the Upper Salmon River area (so named as it is an unnamed tributary of Lake Brook).  The Lake Stream cascades and descends well over 100 metres down from the cliffs surrounding Lake Brook and the Upper Salmon River area.  The falls end abruptly in a rockfall 50 metres from Lake Brook.  Where is no pool at the bottom, the cascade is worth seeing as it extends backward over several ledges well out of sight.  The other levels of the falls can only be seen by climbing the steep and treacherous embankments surrounding the stream.


Middle Cascade

To get there, head to Fundy National Park in southern New Brunswick.  Head toward Alma and park across from the headquarters at the Upper Salmon River trail parking lot.  Hike along the trail approximately 3.5 kilometres, reaching the first major watercourse after the Upper Salmon River ford.  Take Lake Brook upstream for 600 metres.  On your left will be a small stream, look 50 metres from Lake Brook to find the cascade.  Note that there is no trail to the falls once leaving the Upper Salmon River trail.  Also, the lower section of the Upper Salmon River trail requires fording the river.  Although there is a rope, it is not advised in high water conditions.  Caution should also be advised if climbing to see the various levels of the cascade as the hillside has steep cliffs.

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