Dunbar Falls


Located near the Durham Bridge, Dunbar falls are a popular destination for locals in theFredericton area.  The falls flow over a river wide ledge, dropping down 8-10 feet and making a unique and picturesque view of the water.  The area around the falls is smooth rock as well and in summer time with lower water levels on Dunbar Stream, allows for easy exploring around the river underneath the falls.  The water is exceptionally clear and a short ledge can be found under the falls themselves.

The trail to the falls is just short of a kilometre and mostly flat, however due to washouts and fallen trees there are some tricky sections as you need to navigate around the obstacles.  Small kids may have trouble in these areas.

To get there, head to the Fredericton area and take Highway 8 (Marysville Bypass).  At Durham Bridge, take the Lower Durham Road, heading toward Highway 148 (Pleasant Valley Rd).  Head north approximately 1 kilometre and look for a steep dirt road on the west side of the road.  Park at the trailhead area at the intersection and head down toward the trail from the road.  The trail is easily followed and packed.  There are no trail markers.

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