South Branch Oromocto 


If looking for rugged rock and water, South Branch Oromocto Falls is the place to go. Found between Fredericton Junction and Welsford , the falls are part of a maintained trail system to falls in the area, owned by the Kilpatrick Family. The rocky surroundings were part of obstacles faced by loggers in the 1900s. (A plaque at the top of the lookoff dedicates the area to one log rider that lost his life in the area.)

Hiking to the falls is easy. Follow the interpretive and marked trail for 1 km to the look off with a deck and benches. If swimming, use care as the rocks are sharp and irregular in the water. There is a path down to the river past the look off area.

To get there, take the NB route 101 (Oromocto to Welsford) to Meadow Brook Road. Follow Meadow Brook to its end and continue on the gravel. You will see a sign and gate on the right leading to the trail.

Park just past the gate in the turnaround area. Continuing on the gravel road will take you to Ragged Ass Falls. Note, the gravel road is very rocky and a 4×4 is recommended if going further than South Branch Oromocto trailhead.

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