McGregor Falls

Falling from the highlands west of the Wagamatook reserve in Cape Breton, McGregor Falls flow from McNaughton Brook and drop a distance into the gorge area around the falls. A new side trail to the falls has been created off the Humes River Wilderness trail. A bench and lookoff was also created to view the falls. (We visited in a year with dry conditions).

If heading down to the brook, use caution on the steep slopes. Once below, many rocks are slippery surrounding the brook.

To get there, drive to Wagamatook off the Trans Canada highway. Take the Humes Rear road to its end and park after the school. The main trail leads from the school into the valley and toward Humes River Falls. At a T intersection, keep right and follow the trail uphill into the valley. Watch for flagging tape on the right indicating the trail to the McGregor falls. It is approximately a 1.5 hour hike to the falls, and about 20 minutes past the side trail to Humes River falls.

Further info on the trails project:

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