Book Review: Waterfalls of Nova Scotia (2018)

Updated 2019:

I’ve had a chance to use Benoit’s book after taking on several hikes listed within. I was immediately impressed at the work Benoit put into the descriptions, the maps, the photographs and even the selection of the falls. Contained within are waterfalls that hikers will want to visit — offering the avid outdoor person a bit more challenge and options for hikes in Nova Scotia. This book is a definite companion guide to anyone wanting to adventure with a chance for a swim. Make sure you bring your proper maps, compass and GPS for some of the more backcountry trips. Thanks to Benoit for his passion on sharing his knowledge and adventures with the rest of us.


There’s a new waterfalls book coming out for the beautiful province of Nova Scotia written by Benoit Lalonde.

Knowing Benoit’s passion for waterfalls and his dedication for finding the little known falls in any terrain, it is likely to be an excellent guide for new adventures.  With 100 falls listed, it also adds to everyone’s weekend adventure list!

To be released in late May, it can be pre-ordered on Amazon or the Goose Lane publishing site:

Amazon link to Benoit’s book

 Goose Lane website for Waterfalls of Nova Scotia

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