Hays Falls

Hays Falls are located near Hay Settlement north of Meductic and are accessed as part of the well maintained Maliseet Trail – formerly part of one of the portages on the ancient canoe route between the Saint John River and the Penobscot River (Maine). Hays Falls themselves have a 20 metres of drop in height with a small rocky pool at the bottom of the falls. Use care when accessing all the areas around the falls — fencing has been constructed at the top of the falls and the off-trail is steep hiking to the bottom.

How to get there: Getting to the falls is uniquely achieved in two directions, between the TransCanada highway access (shorter hike) and from Rte 165 (longer hike). The longer hiking route is a pleasant uphill hike into the forest, while watching for the off trail to the falls after 1.7 kilometres. Access starts at the trailhead, located off of Route 165. The trailhead is a parking space west of the highway, located 7 kilometres north from the intersection of 165 (the Meductic #212 Exit from Highway 2) and Temple Road.

The shorter route to Hays Falls is accessed from the TransCanada Highway 2 northbound toward Woodstock, stopping at mile marker 204. Look for a culvert and the moose fencing off the highway. The trail passes through this culvert. Hike east for 230 metres until the off-trail to Hays Falls. (Note: the trail fades away in the opposite direction west of the highway).

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