Shogomoc Stream Falls

The Falls of Shogomoc Stream are located in Canterbury, north of Nackawic. The series falls are a highway-side accessed attraction with a variety types of falls to see along the way. The hike along Shogomoc Stream is not strenuous and despite having no trail, the sparse forest is relatively easy to walk along the stream. Following the stream for a half hour, forty-five minutes in order to see the various falls along the way. Three sets of falls can be seen and there are areas to swim and various rock ledges mid water.

How to get there: Take the TransCanada Highway, 6.5 kilometres north of the Nackawic exit or 12.5 kilometres south of the Meductic exit on the east/southbound side of the highway. The area to start walking is on the north side of the stream in the gully under the bridge and park on this side, well off the highway. Enter the woods approximately 50 feet from the stream and you will find sparse tagging on the trees. Keep the stream in sight and visit the amount of falls you want to see. Return the same way.

There is a video of brave souls kayaking this ‘stream’ in the springtime from 2011, see Incredible water and skill on their part.

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