Split Rock Falls

Split Rock Falls flow uniquely through rock formations off Jewett’s Creek, located in Prince William, NB. A steep twisted ravine displays the falls, as the creek flows through rock walls and ledges. It’s an easy approach to the ravine – but care should be taken getting near the falls themselves.

To get there: Head to exit 253 on the Trans-Canada, 20 mins northwest of Fredericton. Take route 632 to Lake George, but turn immediately onto McLean Road. Go south on McLean Rd until the end, where the Atv trail begins. Park on the side of the road in this area.

Hike on the atv trail until an overgrown clearing with a Y junction at approximately 600 metres. Head left towards the falls area ravine. (There is a rudimentary sign at the Y). Proceed 500 meters along the trail as it enters thicker and older woods for the steep decent. At the bottom of the trail, use caution going to the creek level. (Remember ropes may have weakened over time.)

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