Gibson Falls (Carleton)

Gibson Falls of Carleton county near Woodstock are a swimmers delight. With the warm, deep water of Gibson Creek and an easy area to access, the falls are a place to spend a few hours away from civilization. There are two pools, and two levels to the falls. The falls are about 10 metres in height.

The trail is an easy five minute walk along the pine forest path from Upper Kilmarnock Road. Follow the meandering path with sight of the creek. The trail leads to the heights at the top of the falls, where care should be taken. To reach the bottom, continue past the falls to a break in the cliff embankment, showing a steep path to the creek side. There are sufficient roots and a rope to climb the last few metres.

To get there: Head to Woodstock and cross the bridge to Grafton. Drive south on highway 105 toward Nackawic. Within 2 Kilometres from the intersection watch for Upper Kilmarnock Road on your left. Parker Road is also at this intersection.

Keep left on Upper Kilmarnock past the road closed sign. (Of note: despite the sign, the road is very good despite the sign and the cottage and camps along the way. It may refer to a hazard past the falls.)

Follow Upper Kilmarnock road for about 9.5 kms , where you will see a wooden bridge (the only one until this point) over Gibson Creek. There is a wide part in the road where you can park just past the bridge. You will see a gated path and one closer to the creek. Take this path keeping the creek in sight. Return the same way.

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