Waterford Waterworks 

A roadside attraction near Poley mountain and minutes from the Sussex Bluff trail, Trout Brook in Waterford presents a unique opportunity to see remarkably clear (and cold!) water falling and winding its way through scenic rock formations. To get there, head along the Waterford Road past Poley Mountain. ¬†Once in the area There are two main spots to explore. ¬†The first is near the Waterford Community Hall off the Cedar Camp Road. ¬†Park here and access the water by a short trail by the parking lot. ¬†The second spot is shortly after a turnabout on the Waterford Road following Hawkes … Continue reading Waterford Waterworks¬†

Mill Brook Falls

Cape Chignecto Provincial Park has many options for hiking and does have waterfalls to visit as well. Being that the trail follows much of the shoreline in the area, Mill Brook Falls flow from the rocky heights down to the Bay of Fundy shoreline. Access is gained to the Falls by taking the trail from Red Rocks to Cape Chignecto. Take the boardwalk and stairs to the shoreline access at Mill Brook to see the Falls. It is also possible to hike the rocky beach toward Mill Brook to avoid the hilly inclines or use it as an escape route … Continue reading Mill Brook Falls

Dunbar Falls

Located near the Durham Bridge, Dunbar falls are a popular destination for locals in theFredericton area. ¬†The falls flow over a river wide ledge, dropping down 8-10 feet and making a unique and picturesque view of the water. ¬†The area around the falls is smooth rock as well and in summer time with lower water levels on Dunbar Stream, allows for easy exploring around the river underneath the falls. ¬†The water is exceptionally clear and a short ledge can be found under the falls themselves. The trail to the falls is just short of a kilometre and mostly flat, however … Continue reading Dunbar Falls

Lake Stream Falls

Lake Stream Falls are a backcountry waterfall in Fundy National Park, found off of Lake Brook in the Upper Salmon River area (so named as it is an unnamed tributary of Lake Brook). ¬†The Lake Stream cascades and descends well over 100 metres down from the cliffs surrounding Lake Brook and the Upper Salmon River area. ¬†The falls end abruptly in a rockfall 50 metres from Lake Brook. ¬†Where is no pool at the bottom, the cascade is worth seeing as it extends backward over several ledges well out of sight. ¬†The other levels of the falls can only be … Continue reading Lake Stream Falls

Herring Cove Falls

Herring Cove Falls are located in Fundy National Park as part of the Coastal Trail. ¬†These four meter slide falls are unique as the river abruptly changes direction at the falls. ¬†The falls are a roadside-parking lot attraction in the park and a short trail from a group picnic site. To get there, head to the Fundy National Park Headquarters and take the Point Wolfe Road (only open during vistor season May-October) to Herring Cove Beach parking lot. ¬†Proceed on the Coastal trail a short distance to the falls. ¬†During off season, you must hike the first section of the … Continue reading Herring Cove Falls