Split Rock Falls

Split Rock Falls flow uniquely through rock formations off Jewett’s Creek, located in Prince William, NB. A steep twisted ravine displays the falls, as the creek flows through rock walls and ledges. It’s an easy approach to the ravine – but care should be taken getting near the falls themselves. To get there: Head to exit 253 on the Trans-Canada, 20 mins northwest of Fredericton. Take route 632 to Lake George, but turn immediately onto McLean Road. Go south on McLean Rd until the end, where the Atv trail begins. Park on the side of the road in this area. … Continue reading Split Rock Falls

Joslin Creek Falls

Joslin Creek Falls are an explore-able roadside attraction outside of Fredericton, in Lower Prince William. A five minute walk off the TransCanada highway, these falls do not disappoint with a 20 foot steep plunge of water and interesting rocky surroundings in the ravine. To get there: Head west to Woodstock from Fredericton on the Trans-Canada highway. At the westbound kilometre marker 250, park well off the side of the highway. For a very short distance, follow a rocky path and ditch along the animal fence to a gate in the fence. A large culvert should be visible to your right … Continue reading Joslin Creek Falls

Hays Falls

Hays Falls are located near Hay Settlement north of Meductic and are accessed as part of the well maintained Maliseet Trail – formerly part of one of the portages on the ancient canoe route between the Saint John River and the Penobscot River (Maine). Hays Falls themselves have a 20 metres of drop in height with a small rocky pool at the bottom of the falls. Use care when accessing all the areas around the falls — fencing has been constructed at the top of the falls and the off-trail is steep hiking to the bottom. How to get there: … Continue reading Hays Falls

Shogomoc Stream Falls

The Falls of Shogomoc Stream are located in Canterbury, north of Nackawic. The series falls are a highway-side accessed attraction with a variety types of falls to see along the way. The hike along Shogomoc Stream is not strenuous and despite having no trail, the sparse forest is relatively easy to walk along the stream. Following the stream for a half hour, forty-five minutes in order to see the various falls along the way. Three sets of falls can be seen and there are areas to swim and various rock ledges mid water. How to get there: Take the TransCanada … Continue reading Shogomoc Stream Falls

West Branch Musquash River Falls

In the sandy forests of southwestern New Brunswick, the Musquash River pushes its way to the Bay of Fundy. From a dirt road in ATV country near Lepreau, you can find the West Branch Musquash River falls. The falls span several drops over a hundred meters, with the most noteable a notch type fall, pushing water into the breach. The falls area is ripe for exploration with a meandering trail that follows the river from the road. To get there, take exit 96 on Highway 1 from the direction of Saint John or St Stephen. On the north side of … Continue reading West Branch Musquash River Falls

Little Falls (St. George)

On the same river as the well known and visited Lepreau Falls, lie Little Falls, a wide series of ledges that fall into a large pool beyond tight opening in the woods. The Lepreau river widens after Little Falls, on the way to the larger fall. A short hike will lead you to a expansive swimming area. To get there , head to Highway 1 between Lepreau and Saint John. At about 300-400 metres west of the bridge over the Lepreau River (mile marker 83), park after the guardrail. The trail is best reached on the south side of the … Continue reading Little Falls (St. George)

South Branch Oromocto 

  If looking for rugged rock and water, South Branch Oromocto Falls is the place to go. Found between Fredericton Junction and Welsford , the falls are part of a maintained trail system to falls in the area, owned by the Kilpatrick Family. The rocky surroundings were part of obstacles faced by loggers in the 1900s. (A plaque at the top of the lookoff dedicates the area to one log rider that lost his life in the area.) Hiking to the falls is easy. Follow the interpretive and marked trail for 1 km to the look off with a deck … Continue reading South Branch Oromocto