Herring Cove Falls

Herring Cove Falls are located in Fundy National Park as part of the Coastal Trail.  These four meter slide falls are unique as the river abruptly changes direction at the falls.  The falls are a roadside-parking lot attraction in the park and a short trail from a group picnic site. To get there, head to the Fundy National Park Headquarters and take the Point Wolfe Road (only open during vistor season May-October) to Herring Cove Beach parking lot.  Proceed on the Coastal trail a short distance to the falls.  During off season, you must hike the first section of the … Continue reading Herring Cove Falls

Midland Ice Caves

The Midland Ice Caves are a naturally occurring frozen waterfall, fed from a spring that eventually flows into Belleisle Creek and Belleisle Bay. The ‘caves’ can be found in a forest gully which has the beginnings a stream leading down the hill toward Springfield. A small stream flows over a rocky overhang and freezes into a pictureseque ice wall.    The ice caves in Midland are a popular spot in the winter time for snowmobilers as it is along one of the regular routes through the area.  The routes to the caves are snowmobile trails, but snowshoeing and hikers are allowed, … Continue reading Midland Ice Caves

Hells Kitchen Falls

Hells Kitchen Falls on Falls Brook can be found in the Fundy Foothills south of Hammondvale and the old Shepody Road.  Falls brook and nearby Hemlock Brook are tributaries of the Big Salmon River and lie north of the river hidden in the valleys leading to the Fundy shore.  They are also in the area of Mary Pitcher Falls, which is just to the east of Falls brook. Hells Kitchen Falls are nestled in a steep rocky gorge and can be hidden from view without some climbing or swimming.  The falls used to be a tricky obstacle for 19th century … Continue reading Hells Kitchen Falls