Bass River Falls

The geological formations of Bass River Falls are unique and provide a nice backdrop to these falls.  Located in the Bass River area of the Cobequid Mountains, these falls are just one of other smaller drops amongst the ridges and cliffs along the south flowing Bass River.  Accessing the falls will require a steep descent and bushwacking.  There is a nearby ATV trail that leads close to the descent to the falls, however map and compass skills are still recommended. To get there, take Hwy 2 toward Bass River.  Take Maple Avenue until the "Y", turn east on Mines Bass … Continue reading Bass River Falls

West Bass River Falls

West Bass River falls are located on the east part of the Cobequid Highlands of Nova Scotia.  These falls are likely little visited in the area and are a definite treat for visitors to the area.  To hike there, you'll need map and compass skills. To get to the area, drive Hwy 2 toward Bass River.  At Bass River, take Maple Avenue until the 'Y' in the road. Take Old Economy Road northwest until the location noted on the map posted below. Our track to the falls are posted on Google Maps.  I cannot guarantee its the best way to … Continue reading West Bass River Falls

Waterfalls of Moose River Gorge

   Moose River Gorge rises in the hills above Moose River, as part of the Cobequid Mountains of Nova Scotia.  The Gorge itself is impressive, with rocky cliffs rising above Moose River in excess of 190 metres.  Sheer drops can be seen and viewed throughout, making it one of the more extreme areas in Nova Scotia.  The Moose River Gorge is also home to five waterfalls, with varying heights and types.  You will find one 5m plunge fall, one 90m multiple/combination (slide, plunge, cascade), one 30m slide fall, one 15m cascade and a 50m punchbowl/slide, all along the same river … Continue reading Waterfalls of Moose River Gorge

Gillis Falls

Gillis Falls are located near Sydney River, Cape Breton Island.  The area is unique as there are two cascading falls on Gillis Brook, both with swimming pools below them.  If you visit the area in the summer, expect others visitors as the area is a popular destination due to its proximity to the city. To get there, head southwest on Hwy 4 from Sydney Forks. Take Hwy 216 toward Eskasoni.  Go north on Gillis Lake Rd and 3.3 kilometers on the dirt road until you reach a dip in the road and a bridge across Gillis Brook.  On the eastern … Continue reading Gillis Falls

Second Fork Falls

There are hardly more difficult waterfalls to reach in Nova Scotia than Second Fork Falls.  Located amidst the beautiful Cape Breton Highlands of the northern Margaree area, Second Fork Falls slide over 90 metres down to the pool below.  Second Fork Brook flows into the Margaree River.  The area around Second Fork Brook is an Eco Reserve and in that area the Margaree River is also a designated Wilderness Area. (No fishing is permitted).  The view from the top of the falls is beautiful and reflects protected status.  From the top, you can see rocky cliff faces that line steep … Continue reading Second Fork Falls

St. Columba Falls

If you're looking for a little-known and rarely visited destination on Cape Breton Island try out St. Columba Falls.   St. Columba falls are among a deep hole in the rock of St. Columba Mountain in the Little Narrows area.  The falls flow from a small overhead stream into a curtain and slide type of waterfall.  There is a fairly deep pool below falls perfect for swimming.  On the way to the falls, you'll see some of the best views of the lower Cape Breton Highlands and the mountains of Whycocomagh. St. Columba Falls are located on the St. Columba … Continue reading St. Columba Falls

Falls Brook Falls

Where better to find waterfalls than at a hamlet with the namesake "the Falls".  Falls Brook Falls are located just off the road under a bridge at The Falls, Nova Scotia. The falls are fairly low in elevation, but wind through neat rock formations along the river.  To get there, head toward Tatamagouche on Hwy 311 from east of Truro.  Go to the intersection of Hwy 311 and 256.  Head east on 256 a short distance until you cross a bridge.  Look over and you’ll see Falls Brook Falls.  There really isn’t any area to park, although you’ll find a … Continue reading Falls Brook Falls

Miles Doyle Falls

Miles Doyle Falls are a quaint little side adventure located near River Denys, Cape Breton Island.  The falls are located in a small gully of the mountains beyond Whycocomagh and are best viewed in the spring or fall after a rainfall.  Viewing these roadside falls is very easy.  While driving on Hwy 105 in Cape Breton, take the River Denys Mountain Road closest to Whycocomagh (19kms).  Drive along the dirt road almost a 2 kilometers (the road is washed out in spots), look for the waterfall trail on the righthand side of the road.  Picnic tables are available on site … Continue reading Miles Doyle Falls

Usiage Ban Falls

Usiage Ban (Ishka-ban) Falls are located in park area near north of Baddeck, Cape Breton Island.  The falls were nestled in a steep valley which bordered the location on three sides.   At the beginning of your hike, you’ll notice that the park signs are detailed and offer trail distances, geographical info and history of the area.  Continuing along the trail, you’ll find it winds around trees, streams and foot bridges that decorate the way up the river valley towards the falls and the Highland Plateau. The height of Usiage Ban is impressive, boasting two levels of flowage.  The view … Continue reading Usiage Ban Falls

Beulach Ban Falls

Beulach Ban falls (or formerly Horsetail Falls) are located in Cape Breton Highlands National park.  The falls flow from a lake along the plateau and empty gracefully into the Aspy River which eventually leads to the Atlantic Ocean.  Also, according to Parks Canada, Mi’kmaq used to camp along the Aspy and the area of the falls. Beulach Ban falls are located at the end of a dirt access road and a 2 minute walk is required to reach the falls.  To get there, head to the Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island via Cheticamp or Ingonish depending on your preference.  … Continue reading Beulach Ban Falls

Piper’s Glen Falls (Egypt Falls)

Located in the Piper's Glen area of Cape Breton Island, Egypt Falls are a must see for waterfall seekers. The falls lie within a valley of hardwood forest and have strong flow during any time of year.  Egypt falls has a unique wide appearance and two levels of pools.  Both pools appear to be deep enough for swimming. The trail to the falls is short, but can be strenuous especially on the return trip.  Wear good footwear as the trail is steep, rocky and unstable near the end.  Ro pes have been put in place for negotiating the steeper section … Continue reading Piper’s Glen Falls (Egypt Falls)

Island View Falls

Island View Falls are located on southeast Cape Breton Island, on a long strip of land bordered by the Bras D’Or lakes near the Eskasoni reserve.  Island View Falls are not steep in height, but water rushes fervently over the rocks on a low angle more similar to rapids.  The falls do make for an impressive sight and sound with the roar of the white capped churned water, which is especially prominent during spring.  The way to the falls is two-fold: river wading or ridge climbing.  Some attempt access to the falls by walking upstream — however, wading is only … Continue reading Island View Falls